"Erotic forfeits online" are a wonderful way to look at your loved one from a different angle, experience the unknown, realize secret fantasies, and satisfy forbidden desires that you have only dreamed about. All-encompassing passion is not just in the movies!


How to play?

The game "Sex adult game for couples with forfeits" is a rather unusual game in which you and your partner will have to perform tasks prepared by us in advance, which are divided into three types:

  • Green cards - quite harmless tasks that involve preliminary games and conversations on intimate topics. Even if you have known each other for a long time, our questions will help you get to know each other better.
  • Orange cards - more practical tasks, it is assumed that you perform tasks while naked and interact closely with each other. Here there are kisses and oral caresses and tricky questions that you will discuss with each other.
  • Red cards - tasks that involve sexual intercourse, various poses. Players try to satisfy each other to the maximum and realize all their sexual fantasies.

During the game session, the fantasies are not repeated and come in random order until they run out. If all the tasks have been completed, start the game again by clicking the "Finish" button.

Tasks for fantasies are constantly added and improved. You also have the opportunity to suggest your own options for fantasy tasks, and after moderation, they will be available to everyone!


Playing Sex adult game for couples with forfeits online is absolutely free.

Before playing, you need to prepare in advance: take a shower, tidy yourself up, organize your conditions so that no one bothers you, and you have a lot of free time! Whether to drink alcohol or not is up to you.

You can read the tasks both from the computer screen and from the phone with internet access.

In forfeits, there are tasks that require openness and trust between partners, for example, if a fantasy falls out to tell your secret fantasy, the partner has opened up to you, but you think that "this is too much", do not condemn and do not shame your partner, after all, everyone has different fantasies.

The more open and honest you behave, the more harmonious your relationship will be, remember this!

If the fantasy is too vulgar and indecent for you, discuss it with your partner, because it may be that another person just wants the task to be completed, but he always hesitated to ask for it!

For some men: there are tasks where cunnilingus is involved, there is nothing criminal in cunnilingus, if you think that "real men" do not do this, you are seriously mistaken. Do not deprive yourself of the wonderful opportunity to give your partner unforgettable pleasure!


A small piece of advice for both sexes, try to give your partner as much as possible, not receive, and then your sex life will change for the better.


You can also familiarize yourself with the catalog of sexual positions from the KamaSutra, these poses will just be encountered in red fantasies, as well as play the random pose game, where a random picture is chosen from the pose catalog and you can start "action".



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If you are ready to immerse yourself in the world of fantasies, press Play :)


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