Free Sex adult game for couples with forfeits and Poses from Kamasutra online

The success of your relationship heavily depends on how well you trust each other. It is also crucial for two loving individuals to be happy in bed together. The key is to learn to share your fantasies and thoughts with each other, even the most intimate ones. Remember to make your partner feel comfortable and never judge or shame them so that you can achieve complete harmony.


Furthermore, the game "Sex forfeits for couples online" is suitable not only for beginners but also for those who have a lot of experience in married life, for adults who have already formed their preferences.

If your intimate life has hit a rough patch and your closeness no longer generates the same intense feelings as before, and your passion has waned, our website can help spice up your sexual life and add new colors to it.


This game is for those who crave new experiences and want to take intimacy with their partner to a new, more satisfying level.

We offer you a game where you will be given various tasks to perform, taking turns to complete them. Let's agree that there will be no taboos or restrictions, and you will be open and honest with yourself and your partner.


The essence of the game is outrageously simple: you receive a task, read it, and responsibly complete it.

In brief, the tasks for the cards are divided into three types: Green, Orange, and Red.


  • Green cards - to get to know each other better, your preferences, fantasies - many conversational tasks for frank conversations.
  • Orange cards - more practical, it is assumed that you perform tasks in the nude and interact closely with each other.
  • Red cards - tasks involving sexual intercourse, various positions.

"Erotic Games for Couples" is a free intimate game for adults, and if it brings you new positive emotions, then it's all worth it.

At the moment, the number of tasks for forfeits is 211.

Be sure to read the rules before playing. And you can start now!

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Remember that:
Everything you do in bed is beautiful and absolutely right, as long as both of you enjoy it.
Sigmund Freud (c)